Professional Membership

  DurationSeats  Ballots Annual Fee
 Individual 1 Year 1 1 $100
 Enterprise 1 Year Unlimited 10 $1,000

Sponsors (IT Solution Providers)

  Annual Fee
 Sponsors that start before 2016 $750 (fixed)
 Sponsors that start after 2016 $1500

good for 12 months and subject to change annually
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2015 Benefits


·        Free attendance for 1-2 people at each meeting/event

·        Five tickets for each DAMA meeting to give to clients

·        A list of companies which attended each meeting

·        A table for swag, business card drawing for a special prize, or Q&A at each meeting (business cards provided become yours)

·        A vote for topics at each up coming year survey

·        A vote on ”fun event” for up coming year

·        Report from the survey


·        Chapter provided members contact information

·        Soliciting beyond having a table for members to stop by

* renewed annually with no annual obligation commitment